The Truth About Customer Service in Today's Transportation Industry

Alisha Briggs discusses the importance of customer service in today’s transportation and shipping industry, and how a little extra effort can benefit any business.

Host Zac Carman and Director of Local Operations for A. Blair Enterprises, Alisha Briggs, discuss the importance of Customer Service in today's transportation industry. and how it can benefit any business.

A. Blair Enterprises is a transportation company based in Louisville, KY. We offer OTR expedited shipping, custom distribution solutions, and Local Delivery services to Louisville and the surrounding regional area. To learn more about A. Blair Enterprises, our vehicles, and all of the awesome services we provide, visit our website at www.goablair.com

Each call that we take, or each time we service a customer, we’re supposed to be building a relationship.
— Alisha Briggs, Director of Local Operations for A. Blair Enterprises

A. BLAIR ON THE AIR- An Introduction to A. Blair's Local Courier Division with Alisha Briggs

Our host, Zac Carman, sits with the Director of Local Operations at A. Blair Enterprises, Alisha Briggs, while they discuss A. Blair and their up-and-coming Local Division. Discussion topics include: Introduction to A. Blair Enterprises, Introduction to the A. Blair Enterprises Local Division, What is the Courier “norm?”, Why is A. Blair a better choice than UPS or FedEx?

A. Blair On the Air Alisha and Zac Local Courier Introduction

A. Blair Enterprises Newest Video Series- A. Blair On the Air

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A. Blair Enterprises, a transportation company that was founded in Louisville, KY 35 years ago, has announced a new online video series titled A. Blair On the Air. Guests on the show will have a varying set of expertise, and will discuss topics such as A. Blair Services, Transportation and Logistics, Office Culture, Marketing, etc. Videos will be posted regularly, and viewers can watch the episodes on the A. Blair LinkedIn business page, as well as directly on the A. Blair Website.

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